Enjoy the ambience and charm of sitting around a cozy fire with family and friends. Our ScapeStone Fire Pit block-n-ring combination is compact, solid in construction and easy to build. We have eliminated the guess work. The tapered shape of the stones fit together perfectly. Simply stack the stones to the desired height and drop in the Ring-n-Grate.

  • Includes 2 heavy steel cooking grates with 500 sq. in. of cooking area
  • 30" inside diameter/40" outside
  • Drum-Roll Tumbled Split Face Finish
  • CasteStone Coping optional
Dimensions & Coverage
ScapeStone FP Block6"w x 12"l x4"h20 lb.11/row
Ring-n-Grate30" dia x 8"h67 lb.500 sq in
Fire Pit Coping7"w x 44.5"o.d. x 3"h165 lb.-

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