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“Through Service We Grow” – Leo Burgoyne, Founder

As we celebrate our 100th Anniversary, we wish to thank the many customers who have chosen Ideal as their supplier of choice through the years. During our long history, we have seen products, styles, colors, and finishes evolve, including our new logo that honors the strong tradition of quality and service that has guided our company for a century. What has stayed the same is our commitment to excellence. Our knowledge and expertise in producing quality concrete products go into every product we develop, manufacture, and offer.

From our family to yours, we are pleased to offer products that welcome you to Come Home and Be Home With Style.

The Burgoyne Family


The mission remains clear: enrich lives by connecting them with the unparalleled beauty of outdoor spaces.                         In every home or office landscape, Ideal stands as a symbol of quality, service, and a celebration of the outdoor experience.


We conscientiously chose to depict the style and setting of homes found throughout New England. We would like to thank the scores of homeowners who graciously allowed us to photograph their homes and hope that the pictures and images inspire you to create a home that you, friends and family can enjoy for many years to come.