Over 95 years ago, our grandfather Leo Burgoyne had a vision for his family and newly formed company. Named after the machine used to produce the product he sold, Ideal manufactured concrete blocks for homes through-out the Boston area. With a robust work ethic and unwavering determination Leo labored for his dreams… seven days a week, year after year… during the Great Depression and World War II years that followed.

His benchmarks were quality and service.  His motto “Through service we grow.” This philosophy was passed onto our father when he ran the company during the mid 1950’s until his retirement in 1990 and is still the foundation of our company today.  Little did our grandfather know that when he started his small block company 95 years ago that his values would continue from one generation to the next and now that small company has grown beyond local boundaries and has earned a reputation as  a company of excellence throughout the country and indeed… around the world.