Borders, Mosaics, Bands and Insets

Take it one step further! Accent your pavement by incorporating decorative borders and bands using complementary or contrasting colors, surface textures or shapes to reflect boundaries and zones. Create a conversation with mosaics or insets. It is the language of patterns and it speaks your style!

Granite Compass

Aqua-Bric in Beacon Hill Blend

StraightLine in Pewter with Black Granite Cobble

Yankee Cobble in Vineyard & Beacon Hill Blends

MillStone in Vineyard & Quarry Blend with Bullnose Coping

Yankee Cobble Circle Pak in  Vineyard Blend with Graphite Accent Band

FineLine Grand Square in Vineyard Blend with Granite Square Inlet

Bluestone with Granite Cobble Border

Olde Boston Wall Block in Pewter with Split Charcoal Band

Olde Boston Wall Block in Charcoal with Split Pewter Band

BrookStone Vineyard Blend & Graphite Mix with Classico Retro Graphite Border