Express Yourself

Yankee Cobble - 70/30 Vineyard/Quarry, GS Random Pattern
MillStone - 50/50 Beacon Hill/ Quarry Blend, Pattern 6
Yankee Cobble - 50/50 Vineyard/Quarry Blend, GS Pattern 4

Color is the number one reason more architects, professional landscapers, and homeowners choose Ideal. And it’s no wonder! We saturate our pavers top-to-bottom with pure oxide pigments and give you a wide range of eye-catching colors inspired by the deep, rich hues authentic to New England’s heritage. 

Although our colors are each beautiful on their own, we encourage you to intermix two or more to create custom blends that reflect your unique style, preference, and color scheme to complement your home.


While we show our popular Boston Colonial Pavers with a few of our most popular Inter-Blend Color combinations, you can use our Inter-Blend Colors with almost any of our paver styles, as noted in picture captions throughout our catalog. Feel creative? Change percentages or combine 3 or more colors! Your possibilities are almost limitless!

Huntington Blend –
30/70 Quarry
to Beacon Hill Blend

Adams Blend –
67/33 Beacon Hill Blend
to Clay Red

Gloucester Blend –
50/50 Quarry to
Vineyard Blend

Berkley Blend –
85/15 Beacon Hill Blend
to Quarry Blend

City Blend –
60/40 Clay Red
 to Beacon Hill Blend