Drum-Roll Tumbled

Stones with StyleTM

Our line of tumbled pavers captures the look and feel found in vintage stone pavements. We use an innovative technology that enables us to impart an “old world” charm using a unique factory process that antiques the surface, while preserving the inherent structural stability of the concrete. We call it Genuine Drum-Roll Tumbled, and although it takes more time and effort than automated processes used by other manufacturers, it creates paving stones that truly capture the nostalgia of time-honored colors and textures of natural materials.

  • The warmth and beauty of Georgetown Colonial Pavers evoke the appearance and character of vintage brick with kiln-fired tones authentic to New England’s heritage.

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    Georgetown Colonial

  • MillStone’s antiqued appearance is reminiscent of the natural stone pavements crafted by stone masons of yesteryear.

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  • Our Town N’ Country collection offers the look of natural stone cobbles while providing the quality, stability and consistency of precision concrete pavers.

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    Town N’ Country