This original eco-friendly paver continues to maintain its 1st class status with a look of cobblesetts while capturing and filtering rainfall into the ground below through the openings in the surface. It is New England style and ingenuity at work, making your home and the environment a better place to live. Its 3 1/8" thickness can easily support the weight of cars and trucks making it an excellent choice for driveways, parking lots and low speed roadways.

  • Traditional Finish (Drum-Roll Tumbled Finish available as “Made-to-Order” item)
  • Patterns include classic 45° and 90° herringbones, running bond, parquets and basketweaves
Dimensions & Coverage
Eco-Stone4 1/2" x 9"3 1/8" thick3.55 pcs/sf78.87 sf/cube

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