Rockport Steps

The classic look of weathered-hewn stone can be found in our Rockport Step Collection. Available in several sizes and shapes, each step is cast in molds that carefully replicate the textures, colors and detail of natural stone. Features a 7" rise. Each offers consistent size, height and texture, saving time when selecting and installing.



Step A 42″l x 18″d 7″ h 350 lb 8 pcs/pallet
Step C 48″l x 18″d 7″ h 510 lb 8 pcs/pallet
Step D 54″l x 24″d 7″ h 565 lb 8 pcs/pallet
Step F 60″l x 18″d 7″ h 600 lb 8 pcs/pallet

Shape options:

Step A
Step C
Step D
Step F

Color options:

Fieldstone Blend
A picture is worth a thousand words. Many factors influence one's perception of images and colors, and they may appear different from one photo to the next. The angle of light and time of day greatly affect perception, and printed in ink cannot exactly match the actual concrete product colors. Once you have narrowed your choices, obtain actual samples from your dealer or contractor. View them in the setting where they will be installed before making your final decision.


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Technical Resources:

Product Brochure


Step Installation Guide


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