Andover Collection StoneCleft

Andover Collection StoneCleft features a rich, natural stone appearance and traditional shapes scaled to complement the trend for larger paving units. The varied sizes offer the ability to create timeless, classic, and elegant pattern designs utilizing our Set-Stone Pattern or custom arrangements of your preference.


  • Pronounced cleft and sculpted surface
  • 2 ¾” thickness for improved flexural strength
  • Set-Stone Pattern utilizes every stone in the set with an easy-to-follow pattern that gives the appearance of a random layout – simplifies placement, saves time and eliminates waste
  • For a more random and dramatic appearance, insert our GrandStone in place of stones within the Set-Stone Pattern or create unique designs
  • Can be installed as a traditional or permeable pavement
  • Ideal for pedestrian applications and vehicular pavements limited to personal vehicles.

Dimensions & Coverage


2 pcs/set 5 1/2″ x 11″ 2 3/4″ thick
2 pcs/set  11″ x 11″  2 3/4″ thick  3.8 sf/set  102.6 sf/cube
1 pc/set 11″ x 16 1/2″  2 3/4″ thick


Individual unit 16 1/2″ x 22″  2 3/4″ thick 2.52 sf/pc 100.8 sf/cube
 width=This product is susceptible to scuffing during installation and snow removal. Protect the surface when transporting and handling. Use a urethane pad attached to the compactor plate when compacting. When removing snow, the height of snow blowers and plows must be raised or a poly blade used on the plow edge.

Shape options:

2 pcs/set
(5 1/2" x 11")
2 pcs/set
(11" x 11")
1 pc/set
(11" x 16 1/2")

Color options:

Chatham Blend
Oxford Grey
A picture is worth a thousand words. Many factors influence one's perception of images and colors, and they may appear different from one photo to the next. The angle of light and time of day greatly affect perception, and printed in ink cannot exactly match the actual concrete product colors. Once you have narrowed your choices, obtain actual samples from your dealer or contractor. View them in the setting where they will be installed before making your final decision.

Pattern options:

The Andover Collection can be placed randomly or in our “Set-Stone” pattern that creates easy to place, impressive arrangements with little or no waste. Each set, consisting of 5 pieces (Figure A), is placed as a module in a herringbone pattern. Stones within the module can be rearranged to vary the design as shown in Figure B. For a more random and dramatic appearance, insert our GrandStone in place of stones within the module (Fig. C) and as shown in the pictures below. Figure D illustrates a pattern using all 5 stones, and Figure E shows all 5 stones with the GrandStone. Add a finishing touch by using one of our Andover 5511 styles as border or banding courses.
Andover Collection Herringbone Pattern #1
Andover Collection Herringbone Pattern #2


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