Fat Face® & Fat Face 2/3 Scored

Part of the GravityStone family of wall systems, Fat Face and Fat Face 2/3 Scored provide a strong, durable, and attractive retaining wall solution for a variety of site conditions using a plug style connection. Fat Face is our original split face unit. Fat Face 2/3 Scored is a three-piece set. Two units have a chamfered score located 2/3 along the length of the split face; the third unit an unscored split face. All three have chamfers molded into each end providing a distinctive sculptured appearance.


  • Can be integrated with the GravityStone Modular System
  • Step back or vertical wall
  • Planter height to tall commercial walls
  • Plug style connection


Fat Face 8″h x 18″w x 11.25″d 1 pc/sf 80 lb 45 sf/cube
Fat Face 2/3 Scored* 8″h x 18″w x 11.25″d 1/pc/sf 80 lb 45 sf/cube
Corner Unit – Reversible 8″h x 15″l x 6″w 52 lb 60 pcs/cube

*Note: sold as a 3-piece set

Shape options:

Fat Face
Fat Face 2/3 Scored 3-piece set

Color options:

Granite Gray
Fat Face &
Fat Face 2/3
Vineyard Blend
Fat Face &
Fat Face 2/3
Quarry Blend
Fat Face

Pattern options:

Fat Face 2/3 Scored Runningbond
Fat Face Runningbond
Fat Face 2/3 Scored Runningbond Random


Retaining Walls
Stairs, Steps & Elevations

Technical Resources:

Product Brochure


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Contractor Wall Installation Guide


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