Lifetime Warranty

Residential Limited Lifetime Material Warranty

We back our pavers and walls with our name and a Lifetime Warranty on the structural integrity of our products used in residential applications. Product that proves to be defective by failing to meet ASTM industry standards will be replaced without cost. We will do our best, but color, texture and finish of replacement product may not match the original, and cost of labor is not included. Proof of purchase is required. All warranty claims must be made prior to removal or disposal of product in question and be approved in writing. Please note, color variance and efflorescence do not constitute an actionable claim against our warranty. Other exclusions apply.


A white haze known as efflorescence sometimes appears on the surface of concrete and masonry products. Technically known as calcium hydroxide, it can come from a number of sources and appears as a white film when carried to the surface by moisture. It may appear randomly or in certain areas and is more pronounced on darker colors. The good news is efflorescence does not affect longevity or structural performance. Although unsightly when it first appears, in many cases it is scoured off during installation, or if desired, it can be removed using specialty cleaners. Otherwise, it will typically lessen, or dissipate, over time with rain, snow and wear. 

Because efflorescence can be a natural by-product of cement hydration, its presence is not indicative of a fl awed or defective product. We, as do all other manufacturers, disclaim it from our warranty.

Terms, Conditions and Limitations

Concrete pavers and landscape retaining wall units are manufactured with natural ingredients and, as such, are subject to normal wear, weathering, oxidation and stains. Scratches, chips, and other minor facets customary to manufacturing, efflorescence, damage resulting from misuse, abuse or abnormal use and excessive loads, chemical action such as acid or other caustic substances including deicing chemicals, other than sodium chloride, improper installation, including spacing and insufficient jointing material between the unit pavers, incorrect material used to construct the base and setting bed such as stone dust, including lack of drainage, improper compaction or inadequate thickness that would result in settlement, rutting or rocking causing the concrete units to chip and/or crack or improper design are expressly excluded from this Warranty.