Meeting Your Expectations

As you consider a new walkway, patio, driveway, landscape wall, or other hardscape project, you have lots of choices as to which product and color to select. It’s an important decision. After all, it’s an investment that should meet your expectations for years to come. So we thought it would be helpful and responsible to pass along some sound advice. 

What should be realistic expectations for your pavement or wall? Our pavers, walls and garden products are commercial grade – unlike similar products found in large home improvement stores. Ours are factory made and delivered in ready-to-use condition that meets the highest industry standards. This means they are strong, dense and durable. Properly installed, your pavement and landscape walls will provide years of lasting beauty and dependable performance! 

Ideal has made and sold hundreds of millions of paving stones and countless landscape walls since 1975. In fact, no other manufacturer has sold more in New England than Ideal. Our name has become synonymous with quality, service and reliability. While some manufacturers would lead you to believe their pavers and walls will never change in appearance, we believe in a more realistic position. After all, over time Mother Nature takes her toll on everything! We keep this in mind in our design. So while normal wear and tear and exposure to the elements are part of the natural aging process, you can expect the color tones, shape and pattern of Ideal products to remain for a lifetime! 

For additional information, we recommend ICPI Peak Performance for Concrete Pavers, a maintenance guide for consumers, published by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. It contains a wealth of information that will help keep your pavement in tip top shape and can be found on our website