How to Install Concrete Pavers


  1. Excavate and thoroughly compact area to be paved.
  2. Establish a 90º starting point.
  3. Install and compact base in 2-4″ layers (1 1/2″ processed gravel or 3/4 crusher run).
    • Typically 4-6″ deep for walkways and patios
    • Typically 6-8″ deep for pool decks (see your dealer for more information)
    • Typically 8-12″ deep for driveways
  4. Install edge restraints directly on the base and secure with 10″ steel spikes.
  5. Spread coarse concrete sand and screed to a uniform depth of 1″ thick. Do not use stone dust
  6. Starting from a 90º corner, place pavers in desired pattern and cut where necessary to fit. Use 2 3/8″ thick pavers for most residential applications and 3 1/8″ thick pavers for commercial vehicles.
  7. Compact the pavers into the sand bed with a plate compactor or rubber mallet.
  8. Sweep dry sand into joints and compact. Repeat procedure until the joints are full. 

Note: Poor draining soils, such as clay, may require additional excavation and base material and the use of a woven geotextile fabric.

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For more information on Permeable Paver installation, download our installation guide below.