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Looking for Green Solutions? Ideal Offers Environmentally Friendly Choices.

Are you environmentally conscientious, a fan of LID (Low Impact Development), or are you facing zoning restrictions on impervious surfaces that are limiting what you can build? If so, our eco-friendly permeable interlocking concrete pavers might be the right choice for you:

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Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement


The next time it rains look at your patio, walkway and driveway. Chances are you will see water washing off – much of into the street where it runs into storm drains. During heavy storms or prolonged periods of rainfall it can overwhelm sewers and contribute to flooding and erosion. As water flows over the pavement, it picks up oil, gas residue, fertilizers, pesticides, deicing salt and other contaminants, which end up contaminating streams, lakes and beaches.

Permeable pavers are specially made blocks that fit together in herringbone, basket weave or other patterns, leaving open space between them. The openings, called voids, are filled with gravel, which allow rainwater- even heavy rainfall - to soak into the earth, where naturally occurring bacteria help digest contaminants before they reach the water table. Permeable pavers help keep groundwater clean and replenish precious water resources. Like our other types of pavers, we have easy to follow step-by-step instructions that will guide you from start to finish for beautiful DIY results! Click here for more information.


Water – quantity and quality - is on everyone’s mind today. Each summer water bans are a common occurrence just about everywhere as water supplies get depleted. Homeowners are being asked to conserve water and in an attempt to recharge groundwater reserves, many cities and towns are imposing restrictions on the amount of impervious surface that can cover a lot.  In fact, infiltration, storage, and re-charge of stormwater is high in the minds of local and state agencies, design professionals and homeowners alike. Permeable pavers are recognized as a practical solution to stormwater runoff and recharging precious aquifers. As a professional contractor you need to understand materials and construction when bidding and installing permeable concrete pavers. We are here to help! Click here for more information.

Design Professionals

Integrating the principals of sustainable design has become a major initiative of the design community. Often it is to achieve LEED certification for environmentally conscience clients; in others it is to comply with the requirements of local, regional, state and federal agencies. Much of the focus centers on LID techniques aimed at detaining, filtering and infiltrating stormwater on-site in lieu of collecting and conveying runoff and associated pollutants into storm drains. Permeable pavers are gaining considerable attention as being cost effective technology in providing infiltration, detention and treatment of stormwater while providing a firm, stable walking and driving surface - even in cold climates! Click here for more information.