April 1, 1923 - Leo Burgoyne starts his block company with one Ideal Hand Tamp Block Machine at Lexington Street in Waltham (300 block per 10 hour day).

1926-1942 - Leo adds various hand tamp and brick machines.

1966 - Leo’s son Joe, installs the first automated Columbia block plant at the Waltham location.

1967 - Ideal manufactures and ships specialty products to Monrovia and Liberia in West Africa

1975 - Ideal is the first company in the United States to produce Lockstone Paving Stones (8000 sf of pavers per day).

1978 - Ideal starts production at its second totally automated manufacturing facility in Westford, MA.

1983 - Ideal becomes a member of the Uni Group. 

1985 - Ideal starts production of the first automated Zenith paving plant in the Northeast.

1986 - Ideal begins to manufacture Segmental Retaining Wall Systems.

1987 - Ideal adds its second automated Zenith production plant  increasing overall capacity to 40,000 sf of pavers per day.

1989 - Ideal installs the first robotic paver storage system in the United States.

1991 - Ideal begins to market their product line as “Pavers by Ideal”

1993 - Ideal becomes a charter member of the newly formed Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute (ICPI) & serves a key role in the leadership of the organization.

1997 - Ideal begins production with its second production facility for retaining walls in Westford (18,500 block per 8 hour day).

1998 - Ideal installs the first of three Tumbling Systems.

2008 - Ideal completed new construction at their original location in Waltham, MA.  The building houses a new state of the art indoor and outdoor showroom, training center and a True Value Hardware Store.