Color with 4D Technology

We have taken the next step to offer pavers with advanced performance, colors and longevity – Color with 4D Technology™– our newest innovation to our line of select pavers.

Our advanced 4D Technology™ incorporates a unique manufacturing process that integrates proprietary ingredients supplemented with in-line treatments that enrich and enhance the appearance. Color with 4D Technology™ pavers have deeper, richer colors fortified with superior performance against the elements. They are delivered treated and protected from the factory thus saving the added costs, extra steps and waiting time incurred when a sealer is applied to pavers after an installation is complete. Our 4D Technology™ protects the surface immediately from UV rays, stains and spills and the effects of acid rain – all while providing color fastness that lasts for years to come!

Color with 4D Technology™ pavers meet and exceed ASTM C936 and CSA 231 standards for interlocking concrete pavers – including freeze-thaw and durability requirements. Unlike sealed or slick pavers, the coefficient of friction is not changed. The surface texture is slip and skid resistant. Efflorescence is no match for the improved surface and matrix of our 4D Technology™. Chances of it occurring with this process are far less.

Look for the Color with 4D Technology™ logo for products made with our 4D Technology™.